BSKT Meditation Series


This 4 part series is designed to give you more clarity and focus, better digestion and sleep, and ultimately more good vibes into your life.

BSKT Meditation Series2017-07-12T02:41:58+10:00

BSKT Winter Solstice – 30/06/17


- THIS EVENT HAS ENDED - BSKT Solstice is an evening to celebrate the return towards the light as the sun reaches its further most point away from our little corner of the earth.

BSKT Winter Solstice – 30/06/172017-07-12T00:21:06+10:00

Christmas Specials – 2016


- THIS EVENT HAS ENDED - Stay balanced and revitalised during Christmas season. Restore your energy while you bend, flow and breathe.

Christmas Specials – 20162017-06-11T11:26:28+10:00

BSKT YOGA Open Day – 20/11/16


- THIS EVENT HAS ENDED - To celebrate three years of delivering yoga to our wonderful community we are celebrating the occasion with BSKT Yoga open day.

BSKT YOGA Open Day – 20/11/162017-06-11T11:18:36+10:00

Intro to Yoga Energetics – 13/12/15


- THIS EVENT HAS ENDED - Looking for a deeper yoga practice? Our monthly master classes are the perfect way to spend more time in asanas and pranayamas so you can learn more about the poses and breath work to help advance your practice.

Intro to Yoga Energetics – 13/12/152017-06-11T11:07:13+10:00
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