Tacos: How could you not love Tacos. It’s a world of individual flavors that become intertwined. All this sitting atop a bed of tortilla goodness that looks like it’s smiling back at you. One of the few foods that are socially acceptable to eat with your hands, we are massive fans of this humble Tortilla wrap and present to you a couple of our favorites as part of our Local nights special.

* Served as a couple (two) for $16

Greg Bird: Coconut Poached Chicken, Shredded lettuce, Bean Sprouts, & Mango Chutney

Sweet Kumera (V): Honey Sweet Potato, Blackbean, Corn Salsa & Guacamole.

Bang Bang Pork: Pulled Pork, Brown Rice, Tomato & Turtle Bean

Bubba Gump Shrimp: Spicy Prawn Taco, Garlic & Cilantro Slaw with lime dressing

Nemo: Crispy Fish, Chard Corn Salsa, Mexican beans, Aioli & Chimichurri